In 2015, at the first ever Cowgirl Re-union, best friends Stefanie Travers, artist, mentor and horsewomen extraordinaire and Alexa Linton, animal intuitive, Equine Sport Therapist, teacher and author, came together with fifteen incredible women and their horses for three full days of adventure, connection and frolic. In the middle of it all, they looked at each other with awe and tears in their eyes as they realized that what they had created, The Cowgirl Re-union, had taken on a life of it’s own.

Part of the inspiration was the range lands and wide open spaces around beautiful British Columbia and a calling to the saddle that is born in so many of us, even as little girls. Another piece was our combined passion for the way of the bridle horse and connecting with our inner and somewhat wild cowgirls. And yet another part of things is our mutual desire to understand the meaning of things and dive deeper and deeper into our knowing of self and our connection with nature, horses and life itself. 

And so, The Cowgirl Re-union was born.

And this year, along with our event in July 2017 at 7 Half Diamond Ranch and our brand-new Vancouver Island Edition, we’re very excited to share that we are officially holding the 2nd Annual Guest Ranch Edition of the Cowgirl Re-union at the Big Bar Guest Ranch! This is a once-in-a-life-time experience where any cowgirl can come even if she doesn’t have her own cowpony and even if she’s never ridden a horse in her life but always wanted to.

Yes it’s true. The Cowgirl Re-union meets the Guest ranch from September 14-18th at the historic Big Bar Ranch, just past Clinton, BC!

And with incredible women joining Stefanie and I – including Sassy Six-Guns aka Audrey Sayevich, and awesome photographer Candice Camille, plus a group of horse-loving women just like you – the 2017 Cowgirl Re-union: Guest Ranch Edition taking place at the Big Bar Ranch is going to be an adventure like you’ve never experienced but always dreamed of.

It’s time to find your self in the saddle. So strap on your chaps and get your inner cowgirls up here! It’s time for us to let our hair down, get wild, and ride head-long to wherever our cow ponies take us.

See you on the trail!

Alexa and Stefanie


The big sky and horses held us so deeply during the transformations of the weekend. Connecting with the women who shared this time together was truly heartwarming. Dressing up with Sassy and a photography session with Devon was absolutely delightful! Alexa and Steph brought a beautiful blend of experiences together in a truly breathtaking location.


The Big Bar Guest Ranch

Nestled between the majestic Marble Mountains and the mighty Fraser River you will find the Big Bar Guest Ranch sprawled amongst the pristine grasslands of British Columbia’s Cariboo. Here you will find a unique experience that will immerse you into a western frontier and leave you inspired and refreshed by the simplicity and adventure is represents.

Our cowgirls will be sharing the 6 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms of the Coyote Lodge, pictured above, a beautiful place to connect, re-calibrate and return to your roots. You’ll have access to all the amenities the ranch has to offer, but without cell service and internet (some connection but very spotty), you’ll get a unique opportunity to unplug and fully unwind.

Meals will be lovingly prepared for you daily in the newly re-designed kitchen of the lodge – a continental style breakfast, simple and hearty lunch and scrumptious, nourishing dinner.

Amber Golat and her family are excited to be hosting us and we have much in store as we explore this amazing space and all it has to offer!

What we’ll be up to…

  • Three full days of adventures at historic Big Bar Guest Ranch outside of Clinton, BC – over 200,000 acres to explore and find your centre on!
  • Two rides out with the incredible horses of the Big Bar Ranch (you’ll be paired up with your perfect horse for your time at the ranch)! You’re in for some fantastic riding adventures led by a talented ranch wrangler with help from Stefanie, Alexa and Audrey. Plus, lots of hangout time with the herd and cool awareness and mindfulness work with the horses (no riding experience necessary)
  • Daily powerful teachings for you and your horse with Stefanie Travers. You’re going to walk away from this camp feeling more at home in your body and the saddle then you ever have.
  • Adventures with Animal intuitive and Energy alchemist Alexa Linton. We’ll be playing with embodiment and energy in ways that connect you powerfully to your horse, your life and your world.
  • Cowgirl dress-up (complete with corsets, hoopskirts, gowns and rifles) and shooting practice with Audrey Sayewich aka Sassy Six-guns!
  • Plenty of photo shoot opportunities with amazing photographer Candice Camille to capture your essence, your alter-ego (once the costumes begin!), and your time with the horses and in pristine gorgeous country.
  • Music around the campfire so if you’re a’ playin’ kinda gal, be sure to pack your Guitar/kazoo/drum kit.
  • Three simple and delicious meals a day, lovingly prepared.

The where, the when, the who, the what and the how…

Three FULL (and yes, you will be falling into bed at night in a great way) days with Stefanie Travers, Alexa Linton, Sassy Six-Guns aka Audrey Sayevich, and photographer Candice Camille, plus a group of fabulous women just like you.

You’ll arrive at the Big Bar Guest Ranch (more pictures of this beautiful place below) after 3pm in the afternoon on Thursday September 14th and head out the morning of Monday September 18th before 10am.

We will be staying in the amazing lodge house at the Big Bar. There are several private rooms with queen beds ($100 more and first come first serve) and shared rooms with two twin beds. There’s also a brand-new full kitchen and 2 shared bathrooms. Cell phone coverage is limited/non-existent – we are going back to the basics and fulling unplugging – back to the cowgirl way of life!

We’ll be riding out twice over our three days together – beautiful 2.5 hour rides over some of the most gorgeous country imaginable on some amazing ranch horses. We’ll be doing lots of hanging with the herd and working with the horses consciously with Stefanie, one of the most incredible horse women ever. This is incredible riding country with over 200,000 acres at our doorstep. Stefanie and I and the ranch wranglers can’t wait to show you all around by horse back.

Sassy Six Guns will be joining in the fun with cowgirl dress-up and a rare and incredible opportunity to learn to shoot a six-pistol.

Last but not least, Candice Camille will be there capturing you in action on the ranch.

The cost for this entire experience is $1250 plus GST ($1350 + GST if you would like your own bedroom with a queen bed)

(early bird pricing if paid in full by August 1st, 2017. $1350/$1450 + GST after August 1st, 2017)

What this includes:

Pretty much everything! Your accommodations, your food (although if you have extensive dietary restrictions, please plan on packing your own food in), your riding, and the entire cowgirl experience with Stefanie, Alexa, Sassy Six-guns and more. Plus lots of surprise goodies!

The price of $1250 +GST is based on double occupancy in the rooms – a twin bed each. If you’d like a queen bed and a room all your own (first come, first serve), it’s just a little extra – $1350 + GST.

We are stoked about getting a fantastic group of women together to come ride, learn, and celebrate with us.

A $250 deposit reserves your space.

The first eleven confirmations we receive are our gals (we’ll be taking a wait list too just in case). And based on the number of gals who have expressed interest in being there, we have a feeling it’s going to fill up pretty quick.

So if you’re feeling it, get it in your calendar and pay your deposit below.

See you there!

Alexa and Stefanie

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Join us for an adventure like no other!

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