A celebration. A sisterhood. An epic adventure. A returning home.

The Cowgirl Re-union at the 7 Half Diamond Ranch, July 21-25, 2021!

If you do have a favourite equine in your backyard and you’re both ready for adventure, this Re-union the one for you! The vistas are magnificent, the lakes are awe-inspiring, adventure is a part of the package, and the experience is once in a lifetime. Join Stefanie Travers, the Cowgirl Re-union team, and 16 new friends for an extraordinary week with your horse in riding paradise.

In September 2015, best friends Stefanie Travers, artist, mentor and horsewomen extraordinaire and Alexa Linton, animal intuitive, Equine Sport Therapist, teacher and author, came together with fifteen incredible women and their horses for three full days of adventure, connection and frolic. In the middle of it all, they looked at each other with awe and tears in their eyes as they realized that what they had created, The Cowgirl Re-union, had taken on a life of its own.

Part of the inspiration was Stefanie’s favourite piece of country, the range lands around beautiful Merritt, BC (we’re talking amazing wide open spaces, lakes, sagebrush, riding forever, wildlife and sacred sites). Another piece was our combined passion for the way of the bridle horse and connecting with our inner and somewhat wild cowgirls. And yet another part of things is our mutual desire to understand the meaning of things and dive deeper and deeper into our knowing of self.

The Cowgirl Re-union. Now, with five amazing years under our belts, we’re absolutely certain we’re onto something. And with incredible team joining us, and amazing professional photographers like Krista KayCandice Camille (check out her amazing equine-inspired portfolio here), Kim Taylor, Marion Cox of Divine Equine, Devon Gillott, and Connie Ellis, support from an incredible team – the Cowgirl Re-union will be an adventure like you’ve never experienced.

It’s time to find your self in the saddle. So strap on your chaps, load up the horses and get your inner cowgirls up here! It’s time for us to let our hair down and ride head-long to wherever our cow ponies take us.

xo Stefanie and Alexa


A video all about the Cowgirl Re-union!



You will come away with the most incredible memories of the best horse camp ever….

The where, the when, the who, the what and the how…

Each Re-union is a little different – find out more by heading to the pages above. But there are some tried and true things that are the backbone of our time together…


  • Rides out with Horsewoman extraordinaire Stefanie Travers as our tour guide! If you’ve never been on a ride out with Stef you’re in for a fantastic adventure.
  • Daily teachings for you and your horse with Stefanie and Alexa. You’re going to walk away from this camp feeling more at home in your body and your saddle then you ever have.
  • Adventures with Animal intuitive and Energy alchemist Alexa Linton. We’ll be playing with embodiment and energy in ways that connect you powerfully to your horse, your life and your world.
  • Amazing experts like Christy Greenwood and Christa Miremadi sharing their wisdom with us!
  • Plenty of photo shoot opportunities with the amazing photographers to capture your essence, your alter-ego (once the costumes begin!), and your very cool partnership with your horse.
  • Music around the campfire so if you’re a playin’ kinda gal, be sure to pack your Guitar/kazoo/drum kit.



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